Protect Our Frontline: COVID-19 PPE Initiative to help us protect our First Responders:

  • Hospital Workers

  • Senior Facility Health Care Workers

  • NYPD

  • NYFD

  • Postal Workers

  • Teachers

Our Pray for Humanity organization is actively focusing its efforts on purchasing and supplying our hospitals with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during this COVID-19 crisis.  

Our goal is to use our resources to locate and purchase all PPE from our nations manufacturers. To learn more about this cause, please follow below.  

Who we are: 

Pray for Humanity is an organization centered around bringing awareness to pressing global issues for the benefit of the greater good. We are committed to helping those in times of crisis by bringing aid to those who need it most. That is why we have started this initiative, Protect our Frontline, to help supply our fellow frontline hospital workers and first responders with everything they need to continue fighting this battle. Our mission at Pray for Humanity has and will always be: “To educate, inspire, and remind the world that humanity comes first.” 

How we work: 

We have partnered with T.R.E. Medical Technology Consultants based in New York, who has a team of seasoned industry experts dedicated to providing effective solutions in healthcare. Currently, their team of consultants is in charge of finding and sourcing all urgent PPE material so that we can place orders and directly coordinate deliveries.

Having direct and strong ties to people within the healthcare system for 20+ years, we are hearing every day from medical professionals that by next week they will sadly be out of resources. That is why we are working with major hospitals to find out what exactly they need at this time and hopefully provide them with as much as we can.  

We believe the current situation is unacceptable and our hospital workers should be fully equipped for whatever obstacles they may face. That is why we are committed to utilizing our resources and spearheading this initiative to quickly and efficiently support them at this time.

Step 1: Compile and source PPE materials through T.R.E Medical Technology Consultants.
Step 2: Create a purchase order with the manufacturer and provide payment. 
Step 3: Once order is placed and accepted, we will get a tracking number for the material.
Step 4: Allocate material to those in need. We will be determining need and divide product accordingly.

Our goals:

- At the end of every week, ending Sundays, we will be purchasing Personal Protective Equipment for the full donation amount received throughout the week.
- To raise awareness for this pertinent cause and uniting our community and our team at Pray for Humanity to help those in need. 
- To identify the hospitals most in need and deliver to as many hospitals as possible both in New York and across the nation in the coming weeks. 

How you can help:

By donating to this initiative (no matter how big or small), your dollars will go directly into purchasing masks, gowns, gloves etc. From sourcing the material to the actual delivery of the goods, we will track and share the entire process to showcase how many individuals we’ve helped so far.

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